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"She truly went above and beyond all of our expectations. From the early planning stages, to the pre-wedding ceremony in our home, the rehearsal, and the ceremony, she made us feel comfortable and confident in our plans...she emphasized that there was no right or wrong way to get married, and she worked to understand our values and opinions. It was truly apparent how much she cared about our experience and how much attention and love she put into our final program. With her assistance, we gained insight into the meaning behind all the different parts of a traditional Hindu ceremony and chose to incorporate those that held the most significance for us. She helped us explain everything to the Catholic parents of the bride beforehand and was sure to include English explanations for our guests throughout every step of the ceremony. So many of our guests commented on how fantastic our officiant was, and we couldn’t agree more. We honestly could not have imagined a more meaningful experience from beginning to end, and we would recommend Ranjan to anyone considering a Hindu or hybrid Hindu wedding."


- Hemang & Katie


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