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I am happy to offer my services for a variety of important events in your life and your family's life. I customize all ceremonies and pujas to reflect the individuals participating, which results in a truly meaningful and enlightening experience for the participants and those observing. I also travel outside of the New England area for my clients - location is not a barrier.​


To give you an idea of what kinds of events and ceremonies I can officiate and guide you with, I've listed some common events and requests I have performed - this by no means is a comprehensive list, just a reference:

Customized Wedding Pujas and Ceremonies

Customized Pre-Wedding Pujas and Ceremonies

Customized Engagement Pujas and Ceremonies

Car Puja – Ceremony for blessing a new car

Grah-Pravesh – Ceremony for blessing a new home

Shreemant – Ceremony for baby shower

Namakaran Vidhi – Ceremony to name a baby

Mundaan – Ceremony for 1 year old baby

Rudra Abhisek – Special offering to Lord Shiva

Yagyopaveet – Ceremony to celebrate coming of age 

Gayatri Havan – Ceremony of fire

Bhumi Puja – Ceremony for ground breaking

Satyanaraya Puja – Ceremony for blessing auspicious occasions

Special Festival Puja eg. Laxmi Pujan,Durga Pujan etc.


I like to meet with my clients for a consultation before booking any engagement to answer any questions you may have, connect and ensure you feel like I can deliver on what you are looking for. Visit the contact page to set one up.

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